When we start as Círculo da Matemática teachers we have no notion of the impact that this type of class has on the children, on their thinking. I have an extremely shy 6-year-old student. Once during the labyrinth activity, she decided to participate fully and I found very interesting the symmetry she drew on the labyrinths. The rest of the children in the group praised her, saying: “her way is best” and to their shy colleague: “will you teach me?” At the end of the class the girl’s mother came to talk to me and saw her daughter interacting with the class, and she thanked me for my work and for providing her with the possibility of seeing her daughter so happy. … It seems silly, but those little things do us teachers a lot of good. Thank you Círculo for making this possible!

Priscilla Perez, Círculo da Matemática teacher – Belém

While we were ‘discovering’ negative numbers seeing the ballerina dancing past zero on the number line, I saw a smile start on the face of one of the students and at one point during the activity she raised her hand and said excitedly: “Look! We are entering the world of the opposites!”. I could not help but laugh and replied, “it’s true, isn’t that cool?”, she nodded and continued to explore that new ‘world’ that she was seeing…

A student of Samanta Stein da Silva – Porto Alegre