The participation and self-reflection of students are essential for the construction of mathematical thinking within the Math Circle pedagogical conception. O Círculo da Matemática classes, led by Brazilian educators trained in the Math Circle approach, are structured in small groups and offered once a week.

O Círculo da Matemática, diffently from traditional courses where the focus is on the pressure to covering the material, focuses on a participative and convivial pedagogy where the errors, the conjectures, examples and counter-examples offered by the children are key pedagogical ingredients in the foundations of thinking and lead to confident appropriation and construction of mathematical knowledge.

In Brazil the Pacto Nacional pela Alfabetização na Idade Certa, (PNAIC, National Pact for Literacy at the Right Age) chose Mathematics as its focus in 2014. O Círculo da Matemática do Brasil aspires to contribute to these efforts and helping participating schools to achieve the desired targets and results. During 2013, since the project start in August, and 2014, 7000 children received Círculo da Matemática classes.

Why implement the project in schools?

Because by enriching the work that school teachers carry out, the expected results of the project are:

  1. Improvement in mathematical knowledge.
  2. Improvement in how well children do at school in mathematics.
  3. Strengthening of the children’s capacity for abstract reasoning.
  4. Improvement in children’s competence in the use of mathematics in ordinary life.
  5. Improvement in children’s liking for mathematics and their self-esteem in relation the subject.